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“For the Commandment is a lamp; and the Law is light; and reproofs and instruction are a way of life.”
Proverbs 6:23

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January 2000



The question which must be initially raised, as it concerns our Children is "Who owns them?". Is it the parent?  The state?  The public education system?  Is it God or is it anti Christ? For the Christian this question ought to be elementary.  According to both Scripture and conscience, it is wonderfully evident that the Children of the Christian home belong to Christ. "Lo the children are an heritage unto the LORD; and the fruit of the womb is His reward."  Psalm 127:3

Yet, countless Christian fathers and mothers send the Lord's inheritance to be educated by a godless system of education, the federal public school.  In the pursuit of comfort and ease, the parental stewardship over the Christian Children is relinquished to anti Christ without anguish of conscience whatsoever.  But to add insult to a great and destructive injury, the multitude of pastors across America have remained stupidly silent concerning this abomination against the Lord's heritage.  It has been said that "he who controls the youth of this generation will dominate the next". According to the state, all children belong to them. In the united States, by virtue of the common law doctrine of parens patriae, the law declares that "the state is the father or guardian for minors and others, to the end that the health, patriotism, morality, efficiency, industry, and integrity of its citizenship may be preserved and protected."  Strangway v.Allen (Ky 1922) The issue at hand is multifaceted.

How can an institution who denies and defies the authority of God and His Holy Word be a nurturing father or guardian? Because of the violent and continuous assault waged against Christian doctrines and Biblical Truths, the public education system can not effectively teach any of its proposed qualities set forth in the doctrine of parens patriae.



The proof of this shines boldly forth not only from the Holy Scriptures but from the results in which the public education institution is realizing through their agenda.  By their fruit they are made painfully manifested as evil doers.

For a moment, consider the Commandment of God concerning the education of the Christian heritage.  "My son, hear the instruction of thy father and forsake not the law of thy mother."
Prov 1:8
  The Lord here is not referring to the state.  To infer this, is blasphemous and an insult to Christian integrity.  God expressly gives commandment to the parents as legitimate guardians to educate the children.  It was the instruction of the father and the law of the mother that should be attended to by the son not the agenda of the state.  A further clarification is found in Proverbs 3:1. "My son, forget not my Law; but let thine heart keep my commandments." Clearly God is solidifying a universal principle of education.  Education ought to be rooted and grounded in God's Truth.  Not only in matters of religious education, but in all education.  And let us not think for a moment that the godless and immoral public education system is neutral when it comes to religion.  There is no such thing as neutrality.  Either the whole of education revolves around God or it revolves around man.  The first is blessed, the latter, cursed.  The first is profitable, the latter is damnable.  The first is Theism, the latter Humanism.

Today's Christian has become desensitized by all the pagan ideologies and practices which surround everyday life.  There is no longer a clear cut understanding of what the will of the Lord is, especially when it comes to our Children.  Sadly, even the church has been over-run with "doctrines of devils" and humanistic precepts.  If there is any institution which must work along side the family in support of Godly, Bible based education, it is the church, not the state.



An Illinois court has explained parens patriae in the following manner: "It is the unquestionable right and imperative duty of every enlightened government, in its character of parens patriae, to protect and provide for the comfort and well being of such for its citizen. The performance of these duties is justly regarded as one of the most important governmental functions, and all constitutional limitations must be so understood as not to interfere with its proper and legitimate exercise." County of McLean v. Humphreys (Ill.1882)

This law gives power to the state to protect and educate all children as it sees fit.  It furthermore, gives the state the authority to supercede the God given, custodial authority of the parent over the child.  Thus, the state has proclaimed itself the legitimate authority and ruler of the family.  This declaration is in direct conflict with the Holy Scriptures.  The state maintains that it has the right, through its self proclaimed legitimate authority, to direct and restrict the education of the family. The argument is generally regarded as valid in the face of certain parents who do not act in the best interest of their children. However, even in light of these instances, how does the state legitimize this self proclaimed 'right' to dictate over the family? Not only is this against the Scriptures but it is against nature.  Especially since it is the modern state that has done the most harm to its citizens by invalidating God and His perfect Truth in the arena of education.

Notice the phrase in the statute "enlightened government".  From where does the state claim to have derived such an enlightenment?  It certainly does not come from the Scriptures.  And if it comes not from the Scriptures, then it cannot be Profitable Enlightenment.  Then where does it come from?  I submit that this so called "enlightenment" comes from the vanity and darkness of the minds of secular humanists, who know not God nor have the knowledge of Truth.

In 1962 the united States Supreme Court declared that "experience has shown that the question of custody, so vital to a child's happiness and well being, frequently cannot be left to the discretion of the parents." Ford v. Ford (S.Ct.1962)

What the state has done is reversed the order of God's decree concerning Biblical parental Authority by monopolizing it for themselves. Consider the Word of God on the mater of parental authority. "For I know him [Abraham] that he will command his children and his household after him, and they shall keep the way of the LORD, to do justice and judgment..." Genesis 18.19a

God establishes here a fundamental principle concerning both parental authority over the children and the means of establishing proper character.  The Scripture declares that by the proper exercise of Christian precepts and doctrines, the Children will be established and rooted in justice, judgment and the way of the LORD, which is the way of righteousness.  Unlike the pagan religion of the public school system, which the common law doctrine of parens patriae seeks to support, the Scriptures can both promise and deliver integrity of character and a good moral foundation for those exercised therein.

There is however another Biblical precept which we must briefly touch upon concerning the state's role in the education of Children.

According to Romans 13, God has, in explicit and concise terms, limited the role of the state to protect and minister to those who are good, and to punish those who are evil. We find no language, nor the slightest inference, concerning the education of the Children or the authoritative control over the family by the state.

Yet, Christian parents render the heritage of God over to Caesar's house each and every weekday for some 16 years.  Such an indoctrination has all but destroyed the faith and has caused the Church to become ignorant and sterile in a time when it needs to be most astute and strengthened.

Timothy Dwight, president of Yale University was an influential author and educator from the mid 1700's through the early 1800's.  He was the grandson of the distinguished Jonathan Edwards who himself was President of Princeton University. He writes:

"Where there is no [Christian] religion, there is no morality. With the loss of religion ...the ultimate foundation of confidence is blown up; and the security of life, liberty, and property is buried in ruins."

The conclusion is simple.  There must be both an awakening and a swift removal of all Christian Children from the anti Christian public school indoctrination.  If we are to realize any social, political, economic, moral and spiritual prosperity in our Nation, we must crush the head of that ol' serpent the Secular Humanist.  If we allow them to preach their religion to our Children, it will eventually destroy both them and us.  Jesus said: "suffer the little Children to come unto me..."  Mark 10:14





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