The Reformed Analysis
March/April 2001

“For the Commandment is a lamp; and the Law is light; 
and reproofs of instruction are the way of life.”
Proverbs 6:23

An Analysis Newsletter for the Serious Christian Educator


Coming To Judgment


Cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and shew my people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins.

(Isaiah 58:1 AV)


Learn to do well; seek judgment, relieve the oppressed, judge the fatherless, plead for the widow.  Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.

(Isaiah 1:17-18 AV)


Since mere opinion is ineffective in arriving at proper and conclusive decisions, reason and judgment must be employed. Subjective opinions will always corrupt good data, thereby rendering it ineffective, and possibly harmful.

When honestly reviewing the education process of the modern education system in the United States, we find that at the core of education’s philosophical base is a completely anti-Christian, anti-Biblical ideology. This fact is so obvious that to argue against it is to argue against fact and reason itself.

To agree that there is a philosophical conflict in the education system with Biblical principles, however, is only the initial step in fully understanding the situation. In order to arrive at a proper solution to any problem, one must first come to a proper judgment concerning the reality and depth of that problem. If the people do not perceive that there is a problem in the first place, no solution will seem necessary. Similarly, if the general populous feels as if the problem is overstated, drastic action will be discouraged and the status quo will remain in tact.

Since it is often the status quo policy that is problematic, public opinion must be brought to the point of proper confrontation against the status quo. Without a well-developed argument detailing both the reality and depth of the status quo problem, public opinion will never come to proper judgment. Consequently, it will remain bound to faulty and presumably harmful social, economic, religious, or political systems.

In the case of the paganized, anti-Christian education system by unconstitutional government-funding by the United States, both the reality and depth of the problem should be made perfectly and exhaustively clear.




Ever since the Supreme Court decision of Epperson v. Board of Education of Ewing Township, (1942) Ill.ex.rel., McCollum v.Board of Education (1948) and Zorach v. Clauson (1952), the Court held fast to the un-Biblical and un-Constitutional idea of “A wall of separation” between education and the Christian faith. In a godless attempt to secure the “wall”, The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) joined with several groups of parents, The American Ethical Union, The American Jewish Committee and Anti Defamation League and the Synagogue Council of America. Essentially, their attempt in eradicating Christianity from the American education system was a success. Their efforts were so successful that it is now a common belief that it is unconstitutional for God to be incorporated into the education program.


A paradigm is a way of thinking. It is a pattern of understanding. In the scientific community paradigm shifts are characterized as dramatic transformations or revolutions. Almost every significant breakthrough results from a break with traditional or status quo thinking. The word “paradigm” comes from the Greek word which means a pattern or a map. Paradigms are used to explain various aspects of realities. They are essentially “maps” determining the manner of judgment which is to be used in coming to proper judgment. If the pattern of understanding however, is distorted, then conclusions will be erroneous.


In order to come to righteous and beneficial decisions, a set of accurate principles must be established. At the center of every individual there are fundamental principles. Likewise, for every culture there is an established set of principles. These principles dictate ideas, behavior and policy. When an individual or society draws its structure from godless principles, that individual or society then is characterized as godless. Godless principles bring forth godless ideologies, and practices. “The tree is known by its fruit.”

Biblical principles, on the other hand, are characterized as being absolutely good, true and beneficial. These principles must remain free from unwarranted human assumptions which can only undermine their accuracy. Once the purity of proper Biblical and Constitutional principles concerning man and his culture are compromised, the entire societal system becomes corrupt.




During the Renaissance, Nicolaus Copernicus (1473-1543) developed a new map of the celestial bodies. As Columbus had established a map for the seas, Copernicus developed a map of the stars. It had been universally established that the earth was the center of the solar system and the sun revolved around the earth. So heavily believed was this theory, that even the church taught it as theological fact, with the threat of excommunication to anyone who denounced the teaching.

Martin Luther, unfortunately, also held to the error and attempted to prove the theory by quoting from Psalm 104:19 and Psalm 113:3. Luther concluded that if the sun moved in its rising and going down, then it followed that it was the earth that was stationary and the sun was in motion. He further concluded that because the theory was Biblical, it was therefore factual.

Luther’s problem was not that he esteemed the Scriptures to be infallible; they are infallible. Luther simply misunderstood the parabolic intent of the Psalms and failed to consider all Scripture and creation in making his assessment. Thus, through the pressure of the status quo thinking, Luther’s clarity was blurred.

It must be understood that Copernicus was not an ungodly man. Like religiously faithful Galileo after him, he bravely questioned and challenged the status quo, hoping to either prove or disprove the commonly accepted teaching of the “earth at center”. In his writings De Revolutionibus Orbium Caolestium, Copernicus noted,

“To ascribe movement to the earth must seem absurd to those who for centuries have consented that the earth is placed immovably as the central point of the universe. But I shrink not from any man’s fixed principles, I have discovered not only that the earth moves, but also that the orders and magnitudes of all stars and spheres, nay, the heavens themselves, are so bound together that nothing in any part thereof could be moved from its place without producing confusion in all parts of the Universe as a whole.”

Copernicus proved that the status quo pattern of thinking was fundamentally wrong, and that the sun was the center with the earth revolving around it in motion. His break with tradition was a breakthrough for modern science and for all scientific truth. Copernicus exhibited a paradigm shift in his thought. He came to his conclusion by changing the fundamental way he thought about the issue.

The status quo of modern thought is much like the status quo of Renaissance thought during the days of Copernicus. Today it is inconceivable for many to embrace the Scriptures as the rule of Law in the public classroom. Even the modern Christian church has fallen to the error of Luther’s misunderstanding by supporting the heresy of a “wall of separation” between church and education by the state. Since it is perception that often governs beliefs, attitudes, and behavior, the control of perception is important. When perception is clouded, error is inevitable. But when perception is clear with an accurate assessment of any given data, then conclusions will be true.

What the enemies of Christianity have sought to accomplish upon the American public is essentially a shift in perception. If godless infiltrators can cause a paradigm shift in the thinking of the masses toward anti-Christian trends and policies, then a godless status quo will be fortified.




The American Republic was established upon the fundamental principles of Christianity and the rights of free men. As early as 1215, at

Runnymede, England, the Magna Carta was impressed upon King John and his barons for the rights of Englishmen. It was this shift, from the status quo of “Divine Right of Kings” to the inherent natural rights of Free Christian men, that set the stage for the American War of Independence.

The perception of the founders of this nation was based upon the principles of the Common Law of England and the Divine Holy Standard of all human law, the Law of Scripture. America was based upon the Sovereign Law of God and His Dominion rule over all men and nations. To this truth the facts of history testify. The framers of the Constitution universally agreed that the system of society and culture in the new Republic was to be fundamentally based upon the Laws of Nature, and Nature’s God. In other words, all law was to be principled upon the Law of God. It was the God of all nature that these men would bow and submit to in all their disciplines, both public and private.

The American founders understood that the Scriptures were more than a mere map of rules and regulations. The Scriptures for them was to be a compass, and a sure guide, always directing them to True North. With such a compass, truth would always be truth, no matter what changes sinful men proposed.




The strategy of the anti-Christian agenda is to eventually eradicate Truth. While their ultimate goal is for the complete destruction of Christian Truth, the initial step in attaining that end is to blur Truth to the extent that it bears no substantial weight in society. According to their plan, if the focus of the people could be shifted from God and His Law to man and his law, then a paradigm shift will inevitably take place. Like Israel’s Jeroboam, the anti-Christian philosophy in America has seduced the people to worship the idolatrous golden calf in Bethel, instead of at the True house of God at Jerusalem. America has been coerced into changing the Truth of God for a lie. In the past several decades the American people have experienced a paradigm shift which will undoubtedly destroy them if it is not reversed soon.


The American education system is perhaps at the forefront of this insidious paradigm shift. Through the mandatory indoctrination of America’s youth, anti-Christian policies and curriculums have been established and a program of “Truth Eradication” has been enforced.

Not only has the educational institution of the nation rejected Christ as Messiah, they have set themselves as His replacement, pretending themselves to be the only true Messiah. The universal mindset of the department of education is that only through their standardized system of humanistic training can culture and society benefit. By the carefully orchestrated education of every American child, the nation and the world, they believe, will be a better place.

Education has become the Messianic answer to all the ills of the American people. This ideology is so strongly entrenched in the minds of American parents that criticism of statist public schooling usually ignites vehement confrontation. So emotional is the topic of education, one must ask the question “why?”



The answer to this question is twofold. Firstly, the American parent has been led to believe that the only vehicle to socio-economic stability is through the organized public education system. In the mind of modern parents, education is associated with financial stability and social status. Thus, every parent covets this for his or her child. The argument goes something like this, “What if my child couldn’t read or write? Where would that leave him in this competitive world?” Or “in an age of computers where would my child be if he were ignorant of the latest computer technology of bits and bites?”

Such concerns seem justified at face value, yet, when scrutinized, the reasoning behind these concerns is quite different than what is voiced. What the American parent is really stating is that they want “equal opportunity” for their child in the marketplace. They desire an “equalization” and “standardization” of their children, so that they remain in the academic status quo. This rationale is the rationale of “academic socialism.” What parents should be desiring for their children is to break out of the status quo and to climb to academic heights which God has enabled them to accomplish.

The staist system of education actually holds back the child from realizing his God given abilities so as to be conformed to an image of manageability. The state can not afford to have another George Washington, Benjamin Franklin or Thomas Jefferson. Neither can the state afford to have men of faith like Abraham, Isaac or Jacob, raised up. to say nothing of the Apostles Paul, Peter, James, and John. These types do not fit the pattern and cannot be controlled. These men of individuality will only turn the world of the anti-Christian society upside down.

The second reason for the heightened emotionalism over education is largely due to the overall consensus of parents that those in the position of “educator” are of extreme intellect and skill.

In recent years, the gap between the public and the experts has grown increasingly wide, and each year the distance grows greater. The “educational elite” portray an attitude of superiority over the common folk. It would even seem as if they are of a completely different culture and society, with a set of standards so perfect so as never to be questioned or criticized.

While it may be true that public instructors have skill and intellect, the question that must be raised is, “In what are they skilled in?”, and “What are the principles from which their intellect is drawn?” If these instructors are skilled in the new paradigm of godless indoctrination, then they can only render damage to society through the destruction of the youth. If these instructors are not drawing their principle ideologies from the principles of Holy Scripture, then their intellect is as the intellect of devils, and their discretion is that of fools.




Since the plan of humanists is to push out the Truth with error, it is the duty of every individual to come to terms with what is right and wrong. A clear Biblical foundation will only clarify the distinction between good and evil. If good and evil are not properly defined and understood, it will ultimately lead to destruction.

The first step in combating the anti-Christian influence of the “Educational Elitists” is to realize that they are instruments of the godless seeking to impose their personal values upon the country, through the indoctrination of the youth. Since modern educators are unable to distinguish their own values from the values of those who have employed them, they have in effect compromised any personal skills and teaching ability they may have. While they may have technical expertise, their efforts are used to de-educate rather than to educate.

Fundamentally, education can be either beneficial or destructive. It can either promote, strengthen and encourage Truth, or it can oppress, weaken and destroy it. Once Truth is weakened and or destroyed, Liberty is also in peril of disintegration.

Historically, despotic governments used education of the youth to change the course of the culture. In the same way education was used to reform and restore that system of Truth and Liberty which had been abandoned.

The dominant opinion of our culture stresses information, not judgment. It is as if data can bring about proper decisions. The anti-Christian elitists in every field have sought to exercise informational and technical control over the American people. Their agenda is painfully clear and will be realized, if the Christian community fails to act on its conscience judgment. Once conscience judgment is embraced and the principles of Scriptural Truth is again revered, then reformation action will emerge.

The Christian church has been moving in the wrong direction for years. They may have been making progress in the jungles of the world, but they were making that progress in the wrong jungle. While the church of Jesus Christ slept in the security of the American Republic, the tares of humanistic philosophies were being sown right under their noses. Churches around the nation, and around the world, boasted of their posture of “separation” from political and national affairs. As these “piests” were busy “escaping” in theological debates of Scripture, the anti-Christian agenda was raising its own standard of sovereignty and dominion.

The plan of action for the faithful is simple: education according to Truth. By a carefully executed program of education and debate, the Christian Heritage of the American Republic can be won. When the righteous Rule of God is the fundamental authority, the people rejoice; but when the wicked rule the people mourn. May God be pleased to raise up good and Godly Christian leaders for the security of our nation and for the preservation of the generations to come.



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