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Grace, Mercy and Peace be unto You from Our Lord and Saviour Jesus, The Christ of God.

This year has been a most difficult trial for us all, both in New York and in Virginia. During these trials, many of my original expectations and hopes had been dashed to pieces, and for a time seemed as if I, myself, would be swallowed up by them. Never before has my heart been so saddened and my spirit so broken, by those who were most dear to me. Never before have I tasted the bitterness of betrayal and hatred by those I counted my closest friends. To this day I cannot understand how some of my brothers and sisters in Christ, both in New York and Virginia, could express such malice and hostility toward me and my entire family. To say the least, it has been a most difficult time. Yet, in all this, we must understand it is the precise Will of God that we should suffer so much and in such a fashion. We may not know ‘why’ today. We may not know ‘why’ tomorrow either. We may never know the reasoning behind such dark and mysterious providences. Although they are severe, nevertheless they are still the Mercies of God unto us. God only does what is best. Let us never forget that. All His paths are Mercy and Truth.

Now, however, the smoke of tribulation has begun to clear and for the first time since my departure from you in the summer of ‘98, I am able to see the Hand of God more clearly than ever before. God has once again graciously confirmed our Work in Virginia.

By God’s Mercy, this day I make a vow before heaven and earth to shift into high gear. There is still some Ecclesiastic and Administrative reorganizing necessary in New York as there is also some reconstruction needful in Virginia. The next year will most certainly see many developments. We are seeking Gideon’s army.

Beginning in January, of the New Year, I plan to bring you constant updates as to the Work of God both here and in Suffolk. More than ever before I can see, with strange clarity, a network between the two Congregations. Thankfully, I have begun to see a direction and a clear-cut purpose for each of us.

The question is this: Are You ready? Not for the Rapture. Not for Deliverance. And certainly let us not be ready to give up. But let us be ready against every evil day and every evil work. Let us together engage the culture. Let us call into account each of our own souls unto obedience to the Standard of Holy Scripture. Let us call into account every Christian Brother and every Christian minister to hold dear and keep sacred the Holy Scriptures. Let us go further by challenging the powers of the civil magistrates, for they exist only by the Hand of the True Sovereign, making them temporally and eternally accountable to His Holy Law. Let us proclaim with confidence, and not in cowardice, that the Lord Jesus is KING of kings and LORD of lords. Let us cast off the Theology of Defeat and embrace the Theology of Conquest. Let His Word stand or let us all fall in disgrace and destruction. The time is now. We know all we need. We have the Spirit and we have the Word. What need we more? Brethren, I beg you, stand with me. Let us labour together in this effort, putting all murmuring and slander to death, esteeming each other greater than ourselves. Pray for us, as we will pray for you. Be patient, the LORD is setting the battle in array.

Each month (or there about) I will appraise you of specific plans and developments in a newsletter called The Reformed Witness. I will network ideas with you and suggest strategies for real Gospel Declaration. This will be my ongoing personal letter to you. Secondly, I will advise you as to the progression of our Online Newspaper, The Reformer. Here we will address Theological and Devotional issues along with Christian life application issues. Then, every 3rd or 4th month I will send you a copy of our latest project, The Reformed Analysis. This will be a newsletter dealing expressly with the issues of the godless federal school system. It will be used as an informational tool for all concerned Christians. God willing, it will be the beginning of a new awakening as to the precepts of Education according to the Biblical Standard.

Brethren, my heart is with you. Be encouraged, God will be Glorified. Our blessings to you for a Christ filled Christmas and a New Year filled with Positive Expectation, unto the praise of the Glory of His Grace. AMEN.

Your Servant,

Pastor Paul




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