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"The fear of the LORD is the beginning of Knowledge: But fools despise Wisdom and Instruction"
Proverbs 1:7

APOSTASY  Part VI     “SLOTH”          Volume 1,   Issue 6
            By Pastor Paul Michael Raymond

      This is precisely what has happened to the church and its members. As a result of sloth, they have been made slaves to all manner of principalities and powers. The organic and original Covenantal commission to Adam was "subdue and have Dominion".
      God, Who alone has eternal Sovereignty and Dominion ownership of all the earth, gave Adam a stewardship commission. The word "subdue" literally means to "bring into subjection by force". It is also used as the phrase, "tread down" in various Scripture verses.  It is therefore obvious that Adam was given a specific task of leadership and rule over the earth and all that therein is. The original purpose of Adam and Eve was to Dominate and keep in subjection by the force of obedience, the entire Creation.
      When Adam fell into rebellion he lost his estate, and his Kingship, power position, by eating of the Tree of the knowledge of Good and evil. Yet, Adam fell because he failed to be diligent, and devoted, to his divine kingly duty of dominion. He lost his leadership focus and harkened to a suggestion that was not in line with God's perfect Word, His Law.
      We must however, examine Adam's disobedience from two vantage perspectives. Firstly, Adam failed in thought, in his own mind and heart, when he entertained the suggestion of Eve to eat of the Tree. Secondly, he failed in action when he acted upon that which was not divine Law. Thus he fell, and an entire race, and generation fell with him. What is learned, therefore, is that whenever our doctrine is in error our action will also be in error.  
      Adam's tool for maintaining his commission was God's Law. As long as he followed the perfect revealed will of God, as it related to the real world of time and history in the Garden, the Creation would have remained pristine. Order and Divine harmony would not have been interrupted, and the Creation of God would have remained "Very Good".


"And it shall come to pass, if thou shalt hearken diligently unto the voice of the LORD thy God, to observe [and] to do all his commandments which I command thee this day, that the LORD thy God will set thee on high above all nations of the earth."
(Deuteronomy 28:1  AV)

      Personal Apostasy begins in the heart. Although there are many variables contributing to this dreadful ailment, perhaps the over-riding reason is sloth. Mankind is basically lazy. He desires for things to come to him with ease, denying that God has decreed,
"by the sweat of our brow we will eat bread."

      The entire American system is structured so as to make mankind lazy, and dependant upon others to do the work. Today's culture is based upon "hand-outs" and "fast fixes" for every area of life.

      The state has promised every "good thing" for the obedient "citi-slave" with socialistic programs, solidifying the "Fatherhood of the State". Such a message and life-style is so pervasive, and so attractive, that the majority of Christians have fully bought into the program, not knowing that it is to the destruction of their faith.
      Even the external church fosters this mentality in  its parishioners by lulling them into the ease of sloth. Modern pulpits are no longer thundering the message of Devotion, Diligence and Duty , but rather  "be happy, don't worry, Jesus loves you."  Entertainment and singing, crowds the order of worship, along with an array of announcements and anecdotes. With only an hour slotted for an entire Service there is little time for the reading of the Scriptures, and perhaps only time enough for a 20 minute sermon.
      The flesh feasts upon such an arrangement which meters out smooth messages, loving the "voice of charmers" speaking good opinions of them.
Sloth fosters a co-dependant spirit upon anyone and anything that will give free assistance. The Scriptures declare that the slothful shall be under tribute. cf. Prov. 12:24





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