Lecture 1



The First Principle

Nature Of Temptation

Matt.   26

Genesis 39

Scheme of Temptation

Excuses for Sin

Strength of Temptation

Character of Potiphar's Wife

Review Directives

part 1
The First Principle:

To be tempted in and of itself is not sin.


Certainly, our Lord Himself was tempted in every way yet without sin. We, as the Lords' people, are also tempted each and every day. Our Lord was tempted in every way, yet because of His perfection as God Incarnate, yielded not to sin’s beckoning. Not one single time, in His entire existence, being the Righteous God, did He yield unto the temptation of any sin or evil. Christ Himself was without sin, yet the Scriptures plainly declare, He was tempted. Temptation is both an inward and outward problem. James writes, "every man is tempted when he is drawn away of his OWN LUSTS." cf. James 1.14

Inward lusts, stirred often by outward circumstances are the means whereby a soul is brought into bondage and destruction. Temptation is the hook. It is subtle and it is strong. We do well not to underestimate the power of temptation.




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