Lecture 1



The First Principle

Nature Of Temptation

Matt.   26

Genesis 39

Scheme of Temptation

Excuses for Sin

Strength of Temptation

Character of Potiphar's Wife

Review Directives

part 4
Genesis 39

Notice again the situation in Egypt.  Joseph is sold unto, an Egyptian noble man, an officer of Pharaoh.  Through this providence of God, Joseph is brought from the bondage of the Ishmaelites to a comfortable position in Potiphar’s house.  A position of nobility, a position of strength, strategic, and political. One would think that while there was great affliction in bondage and prison, the temptations would be greater.  Yet, in this example, God showeth us that it is in a time of great prosperity and comfort that temptations can be far worse.   Joseph becomes great in Potiphar's house as does his temptations.

In verse 6 we read:

"And he left all that he had in Joseph's hand".

"Take it Joseph. Everything I have is yours", saith Potiphar. "Everything that I have. Don't even give me an inventory Joseph. Everything is yours. You are the steward of all of my goods, just let me see some bread on my table for I know that thou art a goodly person and well favoured with the Lord."

This is all too familiar language.

"Eve, you may have of every tree of the Garden. Ye may have the cedar, ye may have the maple, ye may have all the trees, I require no inventory, Eve, no inventory at all.  But of the tree that is in the midst of the Garden, thou shalt not eat".

They too, lived comfortably in Eden, the Garden of God, as Joseph here, in Potiphar's house, living under the blessings of God. In Joseph’s case, however, Potiphar’s wife was both the forbidden fruit and the tempter.

But consider the character of Joseph.  He was a goodly man and well favored.  Certainly, Joseph, a great type of the Lord Jesus Christ, was a manifestation of a Godly and goodly character. David also had similar words associated with him.  These men, as was the Lord Jesus, were, goodly and found favor with the Lord and with all men.  Unlike Eve, Joseph maintained his integrity.




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