God Is One

The mystery of the way God reveals Himself cannot be fully understood by man, but must be embraced by faith. God reveals Himself in the Bible as: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, and yet God is One. There are not three Gods, there are not many Gods, there is only one God. The different attributes of God must be explored and expounded to more fully understand (as best as is possible for mankind) who God is and what He has done [as allowed by God according to His purposes.] The attempt to list the various attributes of God here is not designed to separate the persons of the Godhead in our thinking, but rather to unify our understanding of who God is in the way He has revealed Himself through the pages of His Holy Word. Some aspects of Biblical truth may have been omitted, not intentionally, but by default, because the infinite nature of God which is reflected in the "Living Word" the Bible, cannot possibly be fully mined of all it's wealth. Our understanding is limited and is governed by God's good pleasure in the revealing of truth through His word. Nothing can be learned without God first revealing it. This by design must include ALL knowledge everywhere, learned by those who both believe and love God, and those who do not, and do not know Him. (For example: all science, physics, mathematics, etc.) But more importantly, the Spiritual truths locked within the pages of Holy Scripture must be opened and expounded by God Himself. Though we read, no one may understand the true meaning of the content of the Bible and the correct application thereof without God granting us understanding of the meaning, and the resolve to apply what we learn to our lives. Mankind does not understand the eternal importance of learning from the Word of God. Here is God - infinitely higher above mankind as the universe is wide, and yet He has made provision for us to know about God, mankind, the church, history, and the future. This tremendously blessed gift (the Holy Bible) from our Eternal Creator must not be neglected, for our very existence and eternal future hang upon the information contained within its pages.

Let us resolve now, with God's help and by His leading, to explore, to search, and to seek to understand the glorious things that God would have us to learn from the pages of His Holy Word, the Holy Bible. And by His grace and mercy, let us further resolve to apply to our lives those things which He chooses to reveal unto us. Where we see that we do not live up to the standards as set forth by the Scriptures, we must (by God's mercy) repent and turn away from doing and thinking what is against the teaching of the Bible, and turn towards, embrace and obey the commandments of Almighty God, who is infinitely Holy, Righteous, Perfect and Just. The information gleaned from the Bible presented here is an attempt to provide us all with tools we need to accomplish this responsibility of mankind. May God be merciful to grant us the understanding to know Him, and the Grace to obey Him, to the Praise and Glory of His most Holy Name.

"It is not belief that establishes truth, but rather Truth that must establish belief."

David Bruce Sonner
Wednesday, June 10, 1998